Angie Wickenden

My work is about the materials and process. I use both porcelain and white stoneware.  The interaction of these to produce  both colourful and minimal surfaces.  I love making pottery on the wheel and the mastery of the wheel drives me to continually make functional ware and push myself to greater skill.

I develop new colourful glazes. using them on a very white porcelain to produce vibrant colorful ceramics. The glazes are traditional studio ceramic glazes but are given vibrancy and brilliance, which is lacking on a stoneware.

I also prospect and dig out clay and sand.  The sands I use are granite sand from a river bed on Dartmoor and also Greensand from the River Otter in East Devon.

I tend to use the granite sand with recycled porcelain with a white matt glaze it produces a very stone-like fabric.

I also throw large bowls from white porcelain, granite sand and recycled porcelain, and stoneware clays.

I teach throwing, foraging and hand building of pots from foraged clays and firing them in open fires.